"United Software’s Energy Accounting Solutions (EAS) division grew out of our experiences."

 We initially began providing Komtek Oil and Gas appraisal software for Kansas County clients and exponentially grew from there as we marketed our software and services to energy industry providers and ultimately to major Oil and Gas operations.


In 2014, the Komtek division acquired Sullivan and Cook, an established petroleum engineering and accounting services company based in Kansas City, Missouri.  After having serviced those clients (including operators small and large) for three years and having provided our “hosted” rendition preparation solution to a major Houston-based energy company, in 2017 it became clear we needed to form a new division thats sole purpose would be to serve this growing client base and expand operations. Energy Accounting Solutions now has added additional services and features while expanding into new markets in other states.  EAS is proud of the reputation we’ve built, we are focused on adding value for our clients and providing superior unmatched service.