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Shawn Gustafson

 Mr. Gustafson has nearly 24 years experience in the computer software industry with support of the County Government sector having been his primary responsibility over that term.  Currently, as technical director with Komtek Systems, he manages applications development and maintenance of existing systems.  Additionally, his responsibilities include oversight and maintenance of the company infrastructure and assisting other staff with software support and customer relations.

Mr. Gustafson started his career with Komtek Systems Corporation in 1987 as an entry-level programmer working with a team developing and supporting the County Government applications.  As he gained experience, his duties expanded to include on-site training, major applications design and development, applications support, customer relations, and management of systems and networks.

In 1997, Mr. Gustafson was hired by  Computer Information Concepts (CIC) of Greeley, Colorado as lead technical resource in support of the expansion of Komtek Systems County Government software in Kansas.  In addition to performing day-to-day application software development and support, his duties included mentoring and support for other programming staff, support and maintenance for the company infrastructure (PC’s / Laptops / printers / communications / computer networks), development of conversion software and management of data conversions for new clients (including Miami County KS, Riley County KS, and Montgomery County KS), high-level customer relations and training, and technical liaison to Komtek Systems Corporation.

After leaving CIC in March, 2002, Mr. Gustafson formed a consulting firm and worked with Komtek Systems and various Counties in Kansas in the areas of application development and training.

In May, 2003, Mr. Gustafson rejoined Komtek Systems Corporation as technical director where he continues to work with other staff and business partners in developing, installing, supporting, and maintaining Kansas County Government and related software solutions.